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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly do you do?

We provide security services in a range of areas. From providing armed security guards to protect premises of various sizes, to installing security systems in private homes and developing complex, integrated security solutions for large enterprises and government institutions.

Do I need to be a geek to speak to your experts?

Not at all! We only speak geek to each other. When you speak to our consultants, they will not leave the conversation until you are 100% satisfied with the answer provided.

Will I be able to afford your services?

We sit with each of our potential clients to determine their needs. We then tailor a package that is suitable for you, our first priority is your safety.

South African criminals are very violent, can I trust that your people are capable of protecting my assets?

Our specific focus on continuously training our security personnel ensures you always have the best protection for your assets. To further reassure you, we have a Training Academy that not only trains our security officers, but also provides training services to other security firms.

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