With over 18 years’ experience, you have every reason to trust us with keeping what you value safe.

Sukuma Security is a leading security services company offering a range of solutions in South Africa. It is renowned for its stellar service spanning 18 years having established a solid track record in the process. Initially established with the intent to serve the town of Newcastle by providing high quality security services, the company has grown in both integrity and reputation leading to high demand for our services and resulting in us growing beyond the borders of Newcastle into other areas.

We pride ourselves in quality and reliability. Sukuma provides a range of services that are distinct in the way they are delivered. We are adaptable to our clients’ needs and go the extra mile in ensuring that our clients walk away satisfied each time. The impetus of our company revolves around understanding our customers which we do through regular engagement with current and potential clients; we aim to understand their security concerns and work towards patching any leaks while innovatively working towards the specification of what we put out. We understand that our customers are different and by reasonably understanding their unique needs, we are able to provide well-fitting solutions that fulfil their security needs. We also understand that business and projects are conducted by people and therefore make it a priority to consider those involved so that we are able to better cater for their security needs. We do this because we understand that danger doesn’t only target the business or project but also the people that nurture, cultivate and protect it.

We consistently work with our staff to create innovative solutions to continuously evolving security needs that change with the nature and trends of projects, businesses, events etc.

BBBEE: 100% Black Owned, Level 1
PPP Framework Act: Fully Compliant, Above SME Level

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